Legacy Planning

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Everyone has an estate. It includes everything from your car to your investments. Only you can determine what happens to your estate when you are gone. We can help you develop a plan to protect your assets and family.

Stay organized for your family and develop a plan. While it may seem complicated and time consuming to list your assets and divide them among family, friends or charitable organizations, not taking this time could put your assets at risk of being distributed according to the probate laws in your state. What does this mean? Essentially, if you don’t have a plan, the court has a plan for you. We want to work with you to ensure that your legacy plan is well-developed and sturdy. 

Long-Term Care Planning

The important question: are you prepared?

Long-term care planning may be one of the biggest financial challenges for individuals who are developing a retirement strategy. Long-term care can include everything from assistance with activities of daily living, like providing help with dressing, bathing, using the bathroom, or even driving to the store. Long-term care may also include more intensive therapeutic and medical care requiring the services of skilled medical personnel.

The Administration for Community Living estimates that by 2060, 94.7 million Americans will be aged 65 and older. Of those, it’s estimated that someone who just turned 65 has an almost 70% chance of needing some type of extended care.

When it comes to addressing your long-term care needs, many look to select a strategy that may help them protect assets, preserve dignity, and maintain independence. We will work with you on forming a long-term care plan that aligns with your unique retirement journey. 

Plan your retirement journey today.